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Lion’s Den Arms and Antiques presents Cannons Plus. Our unique inventory and accessories make it a one stop shop. We have  been meeting your needs on location for over seven years.  This site has been developed for your information, interest and curiosity.  Thank you for visiting.

Swivel Gun

This is a excellent reproduction of a Rail Gun
1” bore cast on a 90,000 PSI high pressure tube,
with cast tiller supplied with a yoke and support.
This is suitable for fortress mounting or in a small boat.  As it is shown here with our post system for field use.  We also have mounting systems available for Bateau or Gun Boats.
We offer a full range of tools and accessories for
F and I, Rev War and 1812 periods
to complete you impression.

Swivel Gun

This unit is a copy of a British Swivel Gun Royal Cipher GR2 cast on a barrel that is 13/4” bore
33” long and weighs 115 lbs, with yoke and tiller.
We offer a fixed or two piece tiller that can be used for fortress or field mounting.
Build on 90,000 PSI high pressure tube and cast in
ductile iron.  This barrel can be used on a field carriage to replicate a 3/4 scale field gun or on a naval carriage for ships guns.

Swivel Barrel Naval Gun

This unit has a swivel barrel on an naval carriage .

3 LB Naval Gun

 This unit has a 3 lb barrel on an naval carriage.

 3 LB Field Gun

 This unit is a display

 3 LB Field Gun

This barrel lies on an aged carriage

 3 LB Field Gun

This unit is the carriage build for
Stoney Creek site, Hamilton, ON

 English Civil War
Swiss Style Cannon
Built for the
Pennsylvania. Renn. Fair

 3 LB Block Trail Cannon
with 42” wheel diameter

 6 LB Cannon
on Garrison Carriage
60” 3 1/2” Bore

17 Century Fortress Gun
1 3/4” Bore

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